The Course: 

The Central Coast has so many beautiful, unique things to offer. Many of us have had the pleasure of driving along the coastal Highway 1, and most would agree that running this stretch would be quite the challenge.

Day 1: Santa Cruz to Big Sur

Starting early in the morning on December 2nd, relay teams from the Arroyo Grande Hotshots Crew and friends will begin running from Santa Cruz to the U.S. Forest Service Big Sur Fire Station. Some will bike, others will run upwards of the full 80 mile distance.

Day 2: Big Sur to Cayucos

The Inaugural Rafiki Run

After a night of active rest, on December 3rd, the Hotshots crew will be joined by supporters from all over the country to complete the journey, ending at Cayucos Pier just north of Morro Bay.

Anyone is encouraged to join and support the other runners. Run as much as you want. Some will run upwards of 80 miles. Some will eat Goldfish as they watch.

What is a "Rafiki Run"?

In Swahili, "Rafiki" means "friend." On the second day, friends and supporters from all over will join the Hotshots crew in completing this challenge. No matter the distance any one person can achieve, the entire course will be completed as a team effort, each person driven by the collective friendship.

Every year, we'll strive to attract more people across to join us with the Rafiki Run. No matter where you are, join in, organize a run,  and make a pledge of your own! We'd love to hear about it, so make sure to share it with us on facebook. #RafikiRun

Even the kids in Rwanda will be running on December 3rd as a sign of thanks and unity with us. Join us wherever you are!