RUNday Funday

  • Meadow Park 2333 Meadow St San Luis Obispo, CA

Experience a day full of a variety of activities! Whether its getting your morning Yoga session in, watching some volleyball, or dancing to those African drums, we guarantee a good time.  The event and classes are free....we just ask that you show that donation jar some love :)


8:00am Pilates

9:00am Yoga

10:00am African Dance

11:00am Tabata Bootcamp


Join us for a special performance from Central Coast African Rhythm and Dance at 12:00pm, followed by live music from the Gaza Strip Club! All while enjoying Marston's BBQ, & beer from Central Coast Brew.

Volleyball Tournament:

Now although there is an entry fee, remember all the proceeds go to an awesome cause! Many of the runners will be competing in the volleyball tournament too, so you'll get to know a lot of really cool people. If you feel so inclined, dress up and the best team outfit may just win an extra prize. 

$50 Group Entry

Co-Ed & Men's Division, 5 person minimum

Double Elimination  

Deadline: November 15th. 

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