Run the 1 is on again for 2015!

Hey everybody! Sully here and Run the 1 is on again for 2015! You may notice that we are shouting it out a little later than some of the years' past. This is because the dates are later than usual. This year we will start running on the morning of December 4th, and continue on the 5th. We had to start late because this year's drought has extended the fire season all the way past Thanksgiving for most of us sadly. No worries though, we are motivated as ever to do our part for the kids' futures in Rwanda.

Honestly, this year is much of the same as last year's because it worked so well and we just want to build upon it now. Dealing with the run aspect, many of us on the Arroyo Grande Hotshots, and our friends and family will run all the way from Santa Cruz to Cayucos in two days. When we finish in Cayucos, we will head to San Luis Obispo after for a huge After Party at Kreuzberg starting at 7:00pm. In between those details will be countless laughs, pain, friendship,.sweat, blisters, personal accomplishments, and efforts put forth for others.

Let us talk about those efforts and their goals in regards to the kids in Rwanda. As most know, because of our efforts over the years, we have purchased land in Rwanda and have begun building our future home. This year, the cause is still for the kids and building but there is one thing we need to focus on first... SCHOOL. The majority of our kids now are teenagers and have succeeded at school so much that many have entered government boarding schools. To be accepted into these schools is amazing for any kid in Rwanda. This does require more money than the local schools though. The prices have continually sky rocketed over the years and have now become an issue for us. This issue requires us to place them in a local school and hold back their opportunities they studied so hard for, or try to raise that money needed to give them the best chance possible. We are choosing the latter as our main goal this year. As the month continues, I will share stories of some of our kids and where they came from, and how they got themselves into such prestigious schools.

Don't get me wrong though, we still have building to do, and we want to continue as soon as possible. The plan will be to pay for our school fees first, BUT if we can raise more after that, than it will go towards beginning the foundation for the actual house. Earlier this year, we finished the wall required by law around our land and we did the side structure to the house that will serve many functions for our kids. Now it is time to begin the actual home. I believe that it is possible to raise enough money to do the foundation for the home.

After last year, Seeing how well Evode follows the building, we can accomplish this very efficiently and frugally. I can tell you right now, that I will be back in Rwanda in January 2016 and no matter how much money we raise, I will be digging the trenches needed for the foundation regardless. It will certainly take a me awhile though if that is the case!

You can all look forward to updates weekly leading up to the event. I have countless stories of the kids and how far they have come and can go if given the chance. I have figures to show you how we used our funds earlier this year, and just how much it takes to send one kid to school, or how much it takes for a bag of cement for the foundation. For now, I will leave you with this introduction.

As always and forever, I do not enjoy asking for money, but if nothing else, I believe in the kids' futures and cannot rest until they are secure. This is why I run, and why so many people close to me have joined me throughout the years. Please let our actions speak louder than my requests on behalf of the kids. If by reading this you feel so inclined to help with this mission, please donate at We will be sure to do our best to earn it.

Talk to you soon,

Thank you