Off to Rwanda!

Becky, Evode, Doug & me on the land for the home

Becky, Evode, Doug & me on the land for the home

Within a few days, I will be back in Rwanda for my 7th trip since all this began! I am excited as ever. Joining me on this trip will be a few visitors in February, too. My sister, Lindsay, who has supported us from the beginning will be coming for her 4th trip which is pretty impressive. Ali will be coming as well, and I can't wait for her to see the kids she has been helping out incredibly so. Murdock is making his way over soon, and will get a chance to see the fruit of all his labor over the years.

It is never easy to get an exact plan down on paper before landing in Rwanda. I can tell you that the first phase of building will begin soon. the first phase will be mostly about building a wall around the land. It is my hope that the building of the wall will happen while myself and the visitors are there too, so we can help out. I can't confirm that yet but my fingers are crossed. Soon, farming cassava will begin on our rural farming land outside of the city. If all goes well, we will cut our food costs down in September, and also sell some of our product for some income. Things are really starting to happen now and I can't wait to see it all.

Meanwhile, the kids who finished their exams in Primary 6 last year, will be getting their test results to see what secondary school they will attend for 2015. This is a huge deal and I can't wait to see this group of kids go farther than they ever dreamed they would while on the street. The rest of the kids will be working on their current studies harder than ever.

Recently, I put a post on Facebook, asking about if anyone had any laptops they weren't using anymore and if they wished to donate them to the kids. The response was overwhelming and very humbling. Even some folks I hadn't seen in a long time, hit me up or at the very least, shared the request. I do not know how many we have just yet, but we will definitely have more than we ever have at once which is more than three! Thank you.

A good friend of ours named Katie Marchetti was resourceful and thoughtful enough to get Run the 1 involved in a really kind charity held at the Cliffs Resort in Shell Beach. It is called Karmic Pizza. Every Thursday night during Happy Hour (4-7 PM), delicious pizza is baked at the Marisol Bar at Cliff's. When someone buys a cocktail, they get the pizza for free! Fifty cents of every drink goes to Run the 1, and donations are accepted as well. Run the 1 will be the cause for Karmic Pizza for the next three months I believe. A big thank you to Katie and Cliff's for helping us out. Head on over for some drinks, pizza, good karma, and a beautiful location.

I want to give a special thank you to those that have donated well after the run was completed. We are always accepting donations, and we appreciate it so much. We are also looking for sponsors for our kids, please don't hesitate to ask me anything about that.

The last thing I wanted to do was go back in the past and see how many collective miles were covered from the first event in 2011 to our most recent one in 2014. Let us see what we get.

2011 - A Walk for Porrdige - 727 Miles - Raised $6,000

Myself, Ben Holmes, and Claire Mellein walked from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco in a week. Along the way Murdock jumped in for 37 miles on the first day.

2012 - A Run for Porrdige -532 Miles - Raised $11,000

28 runners from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco ran mostly half and full marathons.

2013 - Run the 1 -488 (Running Miles), 1,900 miles (Biking Miles) - Raised $15,000

20 Runners from Half Moon Bay to Morro Bay and 10 Bike riders biking the whole distance.

2014 - Run the 1 - 991 ( Running Miles), 445 (Biking Miles) - Raised $22,000

45 Runners from Santa Cruz to Cayucos and 5 Bike riders with two of them doing the whole distance.

And with that, throughout the history of Run the 1, we have accumulated 2,738 miles on foot, 2,345 miles on bike, and raised $54,000! I truly believe that Run the 1 is more than all of these numbers, but this was a blast going over. I'm proud of everyone who has had any part in this. Please stay tuned for when I return from Rwanda, I will have lots of updates. until then, please pat yourself on the back if you are reading this. You deserve it, and I can't thank you enough. Here is to 2015!