2014 Results

It's been four years running now, and Run the 1 this year was yet another a success. For those who have been helping us out over the years, forgive me If I start to sound redundant, but the results this year, like the previous years are much the same...but better. Like every year, we had more participation from our family and friends, we had people challenge themselves past their limits and succeed, we had people supporting along the way, we partied just as hard as we ran, we raised an impressive amount of money for an amazing group of kids, and most of all, we were together bettering everything between us and them. For those of you don't want to read the whole summary, rest assured that we raised enough money to get $11,000 DOUBLED to $22,000 going towards the future building of a home for street children in Rwanda. Though, if you do choose to read below, I hope you will see the efforts we put forth in honor of the many donations we received.


For those who remember, last year, Laura Palmer decided to help us out greatly by throwing a big launch party near her home in Palo Alto. She then opened her home to twenty plus of us. It was a great success, however this year we she decided to go low key with her party. It was very intimate. She invited about 30 of her kindhearted friends to her home and cooked for us. For me, it was really nice because I really got to see everyone and have legitimate conversations with them. The party last year was a little too chaotic for that. I think everyone appreciated the evening, the food was great and the company was greater. I can't thank Laura enough for her efforts and passion she puts into helping the country of Rwanda.



I drove up to our good friend Stephan's (Rafiki) land in Los Gatos the day before the run. Rafiki, sadly had just gotten surgery on his knee so he was on crutches. I helped clean up his place a bit for him and then folks started to show up. Unfortunately it started to rain, slowly at first, and then it began to pour. Our camping trip got a little wet. Rafiki doesn't have a house on his land yet. He has fragments of a building so some of us slept in there and the rest slept in our trucks. Though, we didn't get to spend too much time out in the open like we had hoped, we were grateful to be the first people ever to sleep over at Rafiki's. We also got to feast on the remaining food from Laura's party the day before. I'm not one for speeches, but I had to acknowledge the 12 or so folks who came that night because the elements made the situation not ideal, and they could have just as easily been sleeping in their beds and shown up the next day. Because they came out that night, those of us who planned to run the next morning were ready to go and we had the support we would need.

DAY 1 - Santa Cruz to Big Sur

The original plan was to start from Rafiki's land but with the rain, and the narrow road leading down to the 1, we decided to drive to Santa Cruz and start a little North of there. Ben Holmes wanted to make sure he still ran 80 miles that day so we started exactly 80 miles North of Big Sur. So many people ran, so I will post the mileage below. While it is true that Ben Holmes ran 80 miles straight that day, there were many runners that day that pushed their personal records and ran more than they realized they could. I was in awe, as I watched those not running, naturally adapt to the situations and breaking off from each other as they made sure each runner, wherever they were, had adequate support. The weather though misty at times, was never too extreme which was nice, and of course by the end of the day, we had some of the most splendid views you can imagine of the sun setting in Big Sur.  Another welcoming sight which we had in the years past except last year, was Holme's Aunt Tudie and Uncle David. They set themselves up at Carmel and were dishing up grilled cheese sandwiches, hot soup, potatoes, and Vitamin I (Ibuprofen). I can't tell you how much that helped me out and they followed us throughout the rest of the event too.

  • BEN HOLMES - 80
  • RUDY GAYTAN - 40
  • SUNISH O - 26
  • JARED GAMM - 26
  • SKY REEVES - 26
  • DAVID WEBER - 26
  • MIKE WELKER - 26
  • RUBIO - 26
  • MAGIC - 15
  • JERRY - 10
  • DAN HOLMES - 10


I'd be lying to you if I told you that I had a great night after the first day of running. Personally, myself and a few others were extremely tired and sore. It was really nice though to see so many more people that had come to run for the next day. We all went to Fernwood which is a local favorite in Big Sur. I can't say I did too much or was there for long, but I did see everyone having a great time. The staff seemed to enjoy our presence and as they began to hear our stories, it seemed Fernwood was ours that night. I retired early however, barely being able to eat my food and keep it down. Though, I felt as such physically, mentally I was extremely satisfied with my own efforts and that of everyone else. I was nervous for the impending rain forecast for the next day though.


Claire wasn't sure how long 80 miles was going to take her so she woke up at two in the morning with her brother to start running. A few of us followed soon after that against her wishes, as she didn't want to make us get up so early. For most of the morning, Claire had a few vehicles follow her in the darkness in Big Sur. Each vehicle typically had two people so while one drove, the other would sleep. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang began to wake up around five and 6 in Big Sur. Various groups had set their mind to running straight from Big Sur and South so they began to do just that. Others had plans of catching up with Claire and jumping in with her. Either way, we had so many people now, it was much more simple to support runners. A clear early morning, gave way to a foggy and rainy one. The rain was never unbearable however I was never running in it so the others may have more to say on that. I never saw any bad attitudes about it though. At one point, Magic decided to tell Ali and Tiffany that they had one more mile to finish their 15 miles when in reality they were finished already. Though they were hurting, they just kept running and we actually had to yell to them and beg them to stop because they were tunnel visioned on their mission.



The bicyclists' story this year involves less people than last but was extremely impressive again. First let me tell you about Schmeegs and Jana. The two of them were with us from the beginning on Thursday night in Los Gatos. They then proceeded to support us all of the way all day to Big Sur. After that, while others were relaxing at Fernwood, they drove back to Los Gatos and camped again with Joshua Dominguez and his family. Schmeegs and Mingo woke up around two in the morning, hopped on their bicycles, and took off from Los Gatos for what was to be a 160 mile trek in 12 or so hours. All the meanwhile, it should be noted that their wives and kids (and dogs) were supporting them the whole way. Another note, Magic and Katie both rode their bicycles about fifty miles on that second day to Cayucos. I did not get to see them but I heard they crushed it.


As the sun began to set on that second day, Claire had a massive group supporting her as many of the others had finished their portions. We had a few late comers in the back and we had a couple up ahead of Claire to finish a few miles ahead of her. Schmeegs and Mingo had successfully caught up to us and were in the mix as well. We even had Laura Palmer and her three younger sons running through Cambria at one point. We must have had around 40-50 people scattered about supporting and it made for a lot of fun. The spirits were high and it was really special to see all of it coming together. We trickled into Cayucos finally and unlike past years, we were not all on the same schedule. It wasn't a bad thing though. Thinking about it after, the gang had challenged themselves harder than ever and the times were near impossible to all match up and none of them had any plans of giving up. A huge batch of us hung around and congratulated one another and eventually when we had almost everyone, people began to go home to get ready for the party that night. I say almost everyone because we had one friend who was hell bent on finishing the thirty miles he planned on doing. Understanding he'd be showing up much later, he opted to keep grinding it out and I couldn't miss that so I went back out and along with his wife, we supported him back to Cayucos. It was just one more humbling thing to finish the day with.

RUNNERS:                                                 BICYCLISTS:

  • CLAIRE - 80                                 
  • PETER - 13                                    JOSHUA BLACKSMITH - 160
  • ALI - 15                                           JOSHUA DOMIGUEZ - 160
  • TIFFANY - 15                               MAGIC - 50
  • WEBSTER - 30                           KATIE - 50
  • DOC - 13                                         BRITA - 25
  • WASKY - 26
  • SETH - 26
  • ALONZO - 30
  • SUNISH - 17
  • BEN HOLMES - 10
  • DANNY - 17
  • PATRICK - 17
  • MARIA - 20
  • MAGIC- 15
  • TODD - 15
  • ELIZABETH - 10
  • HICKSTER - 13
  • DANO - 13
  • FETROW - 30
  • STACIE - 8
  • ALLISON - 10
  • LEAH - 8
  • HANNA - 26
  • BRETT - 13
  • JERRY - 10
  • DOC - 10


For those who have not been to Kreuzberg, it is a very big cafe which Ali got full control of that night and boy did she take advantage of it. I had never seen the place so packed before. We had upwards of 200 people there at any moment. Bands were playing non stop. It started with The Gaza Strip Club. After they finished their set, I was pleasantly surprised when my sister got up on stage with Brita and they performed a West African Dance Routine they had practiced just days before. Brita and the Central Coast Afro Rhythm and Dance Troupe have been dancing for our events from the beginning and this was the perfect way to do it this year. After that, Samba Loca kicked it up a notch with their insane drumming. All of this was directed by DJ EPIC Entertainment just like the years past, and they were great. The finale consisted of myself, Michael Hickey (My boss), Chrus Stuffins, and TJ getting to play a handful of songs. I rarely get to play like that and it was huge moment for me. We had an absolute blast with songs that just kept jamming because we were having so much fun and I'd like to think the crowd was too. Brett Reeves got up on the mic for a few songs too along with Howard (A drummer from the local drum shop). It was the perfect way to finish the night. After that, DJ EPIC took the reins and kept people dancing. The speeches that night were short. What else was there to say after four years of everyone giving it their all? Our actions speak louder, and the continuation of that, the more so.


I need to throw in a little shout out and thank you to everyone who supported anyone at anytime during the run. I always feel compelled to do that but I feel like this year, more so than ever. People like Jana, Sharon, Jonathan, Leo, Dustin Grise, Aunt Tudie and Uncle Dave, and the many families that showed up along the way never actually ran. They came all the way over to give that extra support people needed and we really did need it. It is actions like those that can really lift a person's spirit when they feel like they might be finished. My hat goes off to you folks and to the rest of us doing double duty; running and supporting.

I know of two absentees this year. Luckily we were able to have Gamm with us this year so he didn't have to run a full marathon by himself like last year.

HANNA - Hanna is the same Hanna from all the previous years. She is from Seattle and we met in Rwanda in 2012. She is the reason why we have some of the really top notch photos we do. She is an incredible artist in more art forms than one and a beautiful soul. She ran a full marathon yet again in Seattle as a way to be connected to Run the 1.

BRITA - Brita tried her hardest to be with us but sadly it didn't work out. She decided to bike 25 miles that day when she got a break from work. And as told above, she then tracked down my sister and taught her a whole dance routine so they could share the stage together at our party. To say Brita is thoughtful is an understatement.


Just like our speeches this year at the after party, I don't think I can write as much or anything much different from the years' prior. Everything just keeps growing and becoming more meaningful. It is the same intent, motive, and desire as before though. There is nothing new to this except that people keep coming back and doing more. But that's perfect. I don't want anything new to this. As I have said before, I'm not sure you can have a better day than a day that's filled with your loved ones, bettering themselves and at the same time helping out others. AND at the same time, enjoying a beautiful place, partying, playing etc. It is like we connected all of the dots for a day. Nothing I say anymore can sum up the efforts of so many. I started walking in 2011 because I didn't want to try to convey how I felt about the kids with my words anymore, and 4 years later we are continuing and getting better at doing just that. Those efforts are the speech, those efforts are my feelings and I am beyond grateful for that. THANK YOU


Stay tuned for more folks. I will try to send some updates as January gets closer. In January I will return to Rwanda to get updates from over there. You can bet on some really big updates upon my return in March. Donations are still always welcome. For anybody out there looking to sponsor one of the kids, don't hesitate to contact me.