CFA and the San Francisco Celebration

We had some time to get ourselves cleaned up and to relax some before the night's festivities began in San Francisco on December 1st. Meanwhile, my sister Lindsay and many other friends of ours were getting everything ready for a big party.


Cocktails for Africa Cake! Thank you to Stephanie Todd!

CFA or Cocktails for Africa was started by Tiffany Sanders. Tiffany came with my sister to visit me in Rwanda in 2011. When she came back, she threw a party in her native Chicago to raise some money to donate. After that, she thought that she could continue doing that sort of thing to raise money and got my sister on board as well. It is CFA's hope to get bigger and begin having more fundraising parties in the future to support different causes.

The party for A Run for Porridge was put on by my sister in support of the fundraiser as part of Cocktails for Africa. Tons of people came out for it and it was the perfect finish to the whole running event. All of the runners were there, tons of friends, and folks from all over. There was an amazing dance performance, a huge raffle, and great music entertainment as well.

Just as this years running event became bigger, as did Lindsay's efforts to throw a bigger party and raise more money. I can't thank Lindsay and Cocktails for Africa enough. Here are some pictures of the fun and some links to some of the great entertainment we had that night.

Cocktails for Africa

DJ Fortyfivan

Bollywood Fire


SET Boutique - Ethical fashion, my sister's company


Good ole' raffle


Hildie won a free facial for all of his hard work


Bollywood was a dancing storm