The Run for Porridge 2012


Claire, Ben, and I arriving in San Francisco after the long walk in 2011.

I know no other way to express my passion for the amazing people and children of Rwanda that we help, than by action. Last year we walked, and this year we shall


. I hope this is a metaphor for the things we can accomplish. Last year


walked in order to help provide


for the entire school year to the students of the Muhumurize Catch-Up School. This year I hope to insure that again for the school year of 2013. ALSO, we have the opportunity to be able to feed  the child-led households near by the school. And if that wasn't enough, we have a generous donor willing to match each dollar raised up to $10,000! Their generous matched


will go to helping the constuction of a purpose-built street children



Ubaka U Rwanda

. We are not just trying to jog, we are going for a sprint!


Niyonkuru in his house which he shares with 4 other boys.

Many of the

Arroyo Grande Hotshots

(U.S.F.S. fire crew), myself, and our friends will be organizing and running in our own half marathon/ full marathon relay. Starting on November 29th, we will


260 miles from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco. The relay will last approximately two days rain or shine. On December 1st, we will arrive in San Francisco and carry on to a big


in honor of the cause.

Basically, all of the


will either run a half marathon or a full marathon. This will continue through the next 48 hours or so. Along the way, the other runners will be camping out in Big Sur, and rooting on the other runners.


In January of 2013, I will return to Rwanda and personally implement the projects. I am happy to lean on the success of 2012 when I was able to begin the inital


project thanks to everyone's genrous donations for The Walk for Porridge. I feel confident that we can accomplish all of these things and more again this year. Imagine that for each dollar one


; one dollar is going to helping a child live and learn better today, and another will be matched, donated, and go towards their bright future.

Please look at our

earlier posts

from 2011 and 2012 so you can enjoy the success of The Walk for Porridge and have more confidence in this year's event.


The headmaster Theo and I celebrating our first order of flour for the porridge in February of 2012.

Also, if any


would like to join for a portion of the relay, please contact me! There is always room for more runners and this is not meant to be a macho race of any sort. You may run at your own pace as you enjoy the beautiful place we live with the people you love, while we simultaneously give the same gift to others far away.

Contact me

and we can make it work.


Many boys from

Ubaka U Rwanda

. I live at the home with these amazing kids during my time in Rwanda.