A Summary of the Party

The party, first of all, was only possible because of my sister and her awesome friends. She was the mastermind of it all, Claire, Ben, and I just needed to show up on time. When the party began, we had $4315! When the party was finished, we had met our goal of $5000!!!! I was humbled by everyone's generosity. The lengths some people went to make it to the party was so great. Sila and DJ Money played incredible music and everyone had a wonderful time. I only wish I could have danced more but my legs wouldn't allow it.

The party was the culmination of why the walk was so amazing for us. The idea of feeding 200+ plus kids at a school everyday for a year can seem so overwhelming, but when everyone comes together, it becomes as simple as walking, partying, and giving. It's a beautiful thing to see so many people come together and enjoy life and at the same time, make it possible for others to have a better life as well. There is nothing better, and you are all part of that.

I could keep rambling for days, but it was one of the best nights of my life. Please remember that none of this was possible without you, we needed everybody's help to make it happen. Look forward to seeing pictures and stories of the great effect the porridge will have on the children of the Muhumurize Catch Up School, and know that you directly helped improve child in need's life.

Enjoy the pictures from the party!


Julia and my sister did an amazing job to make everything happen.


Our good friend, Low, jumped on the congas for a bit.


Sila and his band killing it!


Saying thank you and beginning the raffle


The walkers attempting to dance


The walkers and friends doing a much better job at relaxing