The Walk

Because words cannot express how strongly I feel for this cause, I will try to do something that can accurately show my passion and love for these children. I plan to walk from San Luis Obispo, CA to San Francisco, CA. The route will hug the west coast most of the way and will be roughly 260 miles. I plan to finish this walk within a week. The exact dates will be November 11th through November 18th. In order to meet the deadline, I will have to walk about 38 miles a day. Slow and steady should win the race.

I ask that people who care to support the children at the

Muhumurize Catch-Up School

in Rwanda, use the donation link on this page donate money. The goal is to raise enough money to be able to feed the whole school, consisting of 200 plus students,


every school day for a year. In order to accomplish t


his, we must raise 5,000 U.S. dollars.

I will return to Rwanda in January 2012, in which I will be on the ground to oversee the beginning of the new school year in Rwanda starting in January. I will purchase all of the necessary items, and cook the


myself while I am there. Updates will be posted on this blog for all to see.

As I have a fair amount of experience in Rwanda now, I feel I can accomplish these things in good fashion. In 2011, the headmaster and I cooked


for the students before I left. They were extremely happy and grateful for it. This is an extremely simple project to attempt, and incredibly vital. The school has been improving year after year, but the school will truly make a huge leap towards greater success with this project. Please take a look at the "

Catch Up School

" page on this blog for more information about Catch Up Schools.


Please help support the students so that they can work hard and make brighter futures for themselves.