Building a Center for Sustainability


The history of the event has shifted over the past five years. During the first two fundraisers, Shaun Sullivan ran to raise money for porridge; enough to feed the street children of Rwanda a meal every day during the school year. He was very successful in his efforts, but quickly realized this wasn't a sustainable endeavor.  

In recent years, the fundraiser helped raise money to purchase land, and begin to build our future home. The home, when finished will help us be more sustainable for years to come. However, because the building is quite undertaking, we also use money donated to help take care of our current kids in our current home we rent. Balancing our current needs with our future goals, we will efficiently care for our kids now while securing a future for them and many more.

More about Ubaka U Rwanda and the Cause. 

In the words of Shaun Sullivan...

Ubaka U Rwanda began unofficially around 2002 when Evode Usabyamahoro set out to help out the many street children in Rwanda. Evode himself didn't have much, except for his massive heart. He was a preacher and would set out across Rwanda sharing his message. Typically, these churches would pay for his transportation, but instead of using that for himself, Evode would walk to work so he could use the money that was meant for transportation, on the kids. There were times when he didn't have money, but would still gather the children together so that everyone could eat as a family. Through these ways and so many more, Evode gained the respect and love of the kids. Even to the point where they regarded him as their father.

Six years later, in 2008, a woman named Rebecca from the UK came to Rwanda and saw what Evode was doing. Rebecca fell in love with Evode and the boys, and they fell in love with her. Present day, Rebecca now lives with the boys, is happily married to Evode, and they also now have a baby daughter named Keza together. Beyond that, Ubaka U Rwanda was established as a UK charity.

Together they live with over thirty boys in Kigali, Rwanda. The boys live in a home, have a bed to sleep on, 3 meals a day, schooling, medical treatment, and most of all; the love of a family. Each year, when I return, I am welcomed with the positive evolution of all the kids. Street kids all have very different stories, and have very different types of problems that can run very deep beyond immediate hunger while trying to survive. It is a long and difficult road to fully help a street kid with rehabilitation, and to help them realize their bright future. Evode and Becky are there for the boys every day and night, fully committed to seeing each boy all the way. I am amazed each time I see them, and the progress they have made.

Previously, my main focus was coordinating our sponsorship program. There are many children who still need sponsors. If this is something you are interested in please contact me. This year we are focusing on building a larger home for our growing family. The new center will be as self sustainable as possible which will help in reducing operating costs. The other great benefit is that we'll be able to take in more kids.

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